Stan Frazier & Dennis Hall
In a classic big man/little man tag team scenario, Frazier is paired with popular southern mainstay Dennis Hall. As you might imagine, Hall did the majority of the work in the ring, tagging Frazier when the big move was needed.

Plowboy Frazier & Jerry Lawler defeat Bill Dundee & Big Bad John (The Bicentenial Baby)
Frazier & Lawler were a fearsome pair that was doomed from the start. Lawler and manager Sam Bass were cheating the trusting Plowboy out of his proper payoffs, as well as treating him like an idiot. But before the break up occured, very few could stop the Frazier & Lawler tandem.

06/23/86 - 07/18/86
Giant Hillbilly Elmer & Jerry Lawler defeat the M.O.D. Squad in Memphis, TN
Ten years after their first reign together, Lawler was the top star of the circut and a regional icon, while Frazier was just returning from almost a year with the WWF, where he achieved national fame. This title run was short, but a nice nod to their history none the less.

08/30/86 - 09/01/86
Giant Hillbilly Elmer & Cousin Junior defeat Fire & Flame in Memphis, TN
Former partners in the WWF, Junior and Elmer were the surprise opponents for Fire & Flame (Don Bass & Roger Smith) during a television broadcast. Their reign ended quickly when Fire & Flame lived up to their names and tossed a Memphis fireball in Elmer's face and used the assistance of Billy Spears to finish the job.


01/26/81 - 01/31/81
Stan Frazier & Ted DiBiase defeat the Fabulous Freebirds in Augusta, GA
After receiving a spike piledriver from all three Freebirds, as well as a sound beating during the tournament for the National Tag Team titles, it looked like Frazier and partner Robert Fuller could not overcome the dastardly trio. But with partner Ted DiBiase, Frazier got a measure of justice and the belts at the same time.


11/17/86 - ????
Giant Hillbilly defeats Goliath in Memphis, TN
The title was introduced in November 1986 with Goliath (Fred Ottman) holding it. Stan whipped him for it on 11/17/86. They didn't mention the title for a few months, then Jerry Blackwell is billed as champion on 1/11/87, then in May 1988 Frazier shows up with the title again.


The Convict wins title in Columbus, OH

CWA HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE (South Dakota version)

June 21, 1983
The Convict defeats The Sioux Warrior

CWA TAG TEAM TITLE (South Dakota version)

July 3, 1983
The Convict (with The Felon) defeats The Indian Outlaws


1990 - 4/21/91
This was his own title from his promotion, Gulf Coast Championship Wrestling. It was defended primarily in Mississippi and Alabama, and most frequently around his hometown of Pascagoula. He retired as champion on April 21, 1991 and retired due to failing health.

(Thanks to Wrestling's Title Histories for the majority of the title information.)

Seen to the right is an unidentified title belt from the early 1970s. Pictured (left to right) are Armand Hussein, Plowboy Frazier, and Bobby Bold Eagle. If you have any information on this mystery belt, please let me know.
Another unknown title belt, most likely from an earlier time, considering Stan is slighly slimmer and has more hair on his head.

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