Old programs & Newspaper Clippings
Here's a nice bunch of clippings from various sources featuring Stan Frazier. You'll see Stan as a main-event star and an opening attraction to offer proof to the non-believer that he was once a very big part of the industry. Forgive the occasional lack of quality in the picture, as it is still a great novelty.

I will keep adding to this as I get more, and if you have anything you might want to add, please let me know. A big thanks to David Williamson, who supplied me with the brunt of this material.

2/6/61 Birmingham, AL
In one of his earliest matches, Stanley Frazier teams with Don & Luke Fields against Al & Don Green and Pedro Zapata in an Australian tag. (Stan is listed as 7'7"!)

9/29/61 Atlanta, GA
The now 7' Country Plowboy teams with Ray Gunkel to face The Viking and Ivan Zukoff in a Texas Tornado match.

9/29/61 Atlanta, GA
The program from the show. Plowboy and Gunkel beat the foreign menaces.

5/4/67 Chattanooga, TN
Now known as Ed Younger, the former Plowboy teams with Steve Kovac to face Southern Tag Team champions Alex Perez & Eric Von Brauner.

11/28/68 Chattanooga, TN
clipping: "Lucas, Hall fight for championship"
He's gained height again, and he's 7'4" Giant Frazier, here to referee an NWA World Tag Team title bout, plus face Saul Weigneroff in singles action.

11/29/68 Chattanooga, TN
clipping: "Thatcher, Hall win NWA crown"
The results of Frazier vs. Weingeroff.

4/19/68 Los Angeles, CA (The Olympic)
The Convict challenges Bobo Brazil for the WWA World Heavyweight title.

8/21/68 Los Angles, CA (The Olympic)
The Convict challenges Bobo Brazil for the WWA World Heavyweight title.

1/2/69 Chattanooga, TN
clipping: "Four Bouts Slated In Auditorium Ring"

1/69 Chattanooga, TN
clipping: "Villains Capture Wrestling Feature"

1/11/69 Chattanooga,TN
clipping: "Mighty Yankees Meet Lucas, Hall"

1/27/69 Memphis, TN
Giant Frazier & Herb Welch face Don & Al Green.

1/30/69 Chatanooga, TN
clipping: "Five Bout Wrestling Card At Auditorium"

2/21/69 Chattanooga, TN
clipping: "Carson, Rossi Win Tag Team Title"

2/20/69 Chattanooga, TN
clipping: "Two Tag Team Bouts Scheduled Tonight"

9/26/69 Atlanta, GA
Big Tex (Stan) & The Super Pro face Tex McKenzie & The Pro.

10/3/69 Atlanta, GA
"Big Tex" Stan Frazier challenges Tex McKenzie

8/1/70 Omaha, NB
Stan "Plowboy" Frazier takes on Blackjack Daniels.

8/15/70 Omaha, NB
Plowboy Frazier goes against Oki Shikina.

8/15/70 The Ringsider
We learn about Stan's temper as he faces "that nasty Jap" Oki Shikina. (Can you believe they still could get away with racist stuff like that in 1970?)

9/26/70 Omaha, NB
Plowboy Frazier takes on The Viking.

0/17/70 Omaha, NB
Plowboy & Tex McKenzie challenge Mad Dog & Butcher Vachon for the AWA World Tag Team title (Omaha version).

2/19/71 Birmingham, AL
In a mixed six-person tag team bout, Giant Frazier, Oni Wiki Wiki & Miss Barbara Galento face The Alaskans & Miss Paula Kaye.

7/12/71 Birmingham, AL
Giant Frazier goes against Nikita Mulkovich.

5/24/76 Memphis, TN
clipping: "Jerry Jarrett Teams With Frazier Tonight"

Plowboy Frazier and Jarrett team against Jerry Lawler and a mystery partner.

9/5/76 Louisville, KY
Plowboy main events in a six-man match with Dundee & Yamamoto against main rival Jerry Lawler, teamed with Hickerson & Condrey.

9/19/76 Louisville, KY
Hair Vs. Hair main event pitting Plowboy Frazier against Jerry Lawler.

9/26/76 Louisville, KY
Plowboy vs. Jerry Lawler in a bodyslam match.

10/4/76 Memphis, TN
Grudge match with Plowboy against Don Andersen.

11/16/76 Louisville, KY
Six-man main event with Plowboy, Rich & Dundee facing Lawler, Gilbert & Gorgeous George, Jr.

1/77 Chattanooga, TN
clipping: "Masked Dragons Fight Indians Thursday at 8"

1/27/77 Chattanooga, TN
clipping: "The Russian Stomper Stuns Plowboy Frazier"

1/28/78 Evansville, IN
Plowboy vs. Mr. Wrestling for the North American title.

2/7/78 Jonesboro, AK
Plowboy & Bill Dundee main event against Dennis Condrey & Phil Hickerson.

3/2/78 Memphis, TN
Plowboy vs. Mr. Wrestling for the North American title.

7/9/81 Lexington, KY
Stan on the undercard against Jim Dalton.

6/7/81 Memphis, TN
Plowboy faces long-time rival Tojo Yamamoto.

7/10/81 Ponce, Puerto Rico
Stan Frazier appears with 15 others in a Capitol Sports battle royal for $10 thousand. (He is listed as weighing 500 pounds and measuring 7 feet in height.)

8/18/81 Louisville, KY
A Back Alley Street Brawl pitting Dundee, Keirn & Frazier against McGraw & The Nightmares. (Here, as he is called inadvertently on some occasions, Stan is listed as Ployboy Frazier.)

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